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Palodent® Plus – Sectional Matrix System

Plus, a world of
new technology.

In two decades of category leadership with Palodent, we learned how Class II restorations can challenge dentists. That’s why there’s a world of effective new design and technology in the Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system. Wide applications for sectional matrix system use. Accurate contact, tight seal and improved ring retention. High-performance band shape and handling. Wedge compatibility and performance.

Palodent® Plus is the newest sectional matrix system from DENTSPLY Caulk. It follows on decades of DENTSPLY experience with dental matrix systems for Class II restorations, including the Tofflemire retainer-based system pioneered in the 1940s and our original Palodent tined-ring system, which was the industry leader for almost two decades.

This original Palodent was created in 1986 by dentist and university instructor Alvin Meyer, pioneering the “BiTine” ring technology that simultaneously provided optimal interproximal separation and held the matrix band securely in place.

Palodent® Plus consists of just six components, some of which come in multiple sizes for optimum fit and control: rings, wedges, wedgeguards, matrix bands, pin tweezers and forceps. These components combine to deliver benefits like accurate contact, tight seal and accurate retention, and wide applications for sectional matrix system Class II posterior restorations.

One key to Palodent® Plus’ performance is its nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) rings. These deliver a flatter force curve delivers for optimum force across a wider range of posterior embrasures.

And Palodent® Plus excels in use with many other excellent related products from DENTSPLY, including SureFil® SDR® flow.

Palodent Plus sectional matrix: a world of effective new design and technology for Class II dental restorations.

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