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Case Study 1

Case Study 1

Maxillary Premolar

Marcel Ender, DDS

Products used: DENTSPLY Caulk products used. Palodent® Plus, XP BOND®, Ceram•X™ Mono+.

Case of a 44-year-old male patient with distal decay evident on radiograph. DENTSPLY Caulk.

  • Pre-operative radiograph of tooth #12
  • Initial placement of WedgeGuard prior to preparation
  • Caries excavation without breaking contact
  • Preparation extended to break contact utilizing WedgeGuard to protect adjacent tooth
  • Matrix insertion with wedge already in place. Note: The WedgeGuard becomes a wedge in one simple step
  • Final preparation prior to material placement with Palodent® Plus System. Note: The Palodent® Plus narrow ring is used for premolars.
  • Detailed view of enamel after phosphoric acid placement
  • Completed Restoration