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Case Study 2

Case Study 2

Mandibular Premolar

Steve Poss, DDS

Products Used: Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System, Xeno® IV Light Cured Self-Etching Dental Adhesive, SureFil® SDR® flow Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base Material, TPH®3 Micro Matrix Restorative, and Enhance® Finishing System.

The average life of a Class II composite restoration can often be lengthened by eliminating the challenges and issues that commonly face the dental professional in performing an effective procedure.

  • An x-ray displaying decay below the composite restoration.
  • The occlusal view of the second premolar that is to be prepared.
  • The WedgeGuard is placed to protect the mesial of the gold crown during prep.
  • The decay is removed and the Palodent® Plus system is placed, followed by Xeno® IV self etch adhesive.
  • A layer of SureFil® SDR flow is placed up to 4mm and cured.
  • A layer of TPH®3 is placed, and initial contours are created.
  • A layer of TPH®3 enamel shade is placed to enhance esthetics.
  • This final layer is also contoured for initial tooth anatomy.
  • TPH®3 is light cured prior to finishing and polishing.
  • The excess is removed with a 7404 fluted carbide and the occlusion is checked.
  • Final finishing is done with an Enhance® Finishing Cup.
  • The final composite restoration on the disto-occlusal of the second premolar.