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Heritage of Palodent®

Heritage of Palodent

Always Advancing

Palodent® is synonymous with DENTSPLY and synonymous with cutting-edge sectional matrix technology for Class II restorations. The original Palodent® system was created in 1986 by dentist and university instructor Alvin Meyer, who pioneered the "BiTine" ring technology. This provided dentists with a means to achieve more predictable contacts and improved tooth and filling longevity while adding comfort to Class II procedures for both the patient and the doctor.

The system was so good, it received REALITY's Choice Award for nearly two decades.

In 2011, DENTSPLY Caulk introduced a new generation of Palodent® - Palodent® Plus, which takes the BiTine ring concept to new levels of performance by combining it with anatomically contoured matrices, wedges, and wedgeguards that work together to deliver accurate, tight contacts.

The Palodent® name embodies DENTSPLY Caulk's history of helping dentists overcome the challenges presented to them by Class II restorations. The introduction of the AutoMatrix® Retainerless matrix system in 1982 represented DENTSPLY's commitment to better dentistry in its improvements over retainer based systems. Palodent Plus now takes that focus one step further, offering dentists one of the simplest and most accurate matrix solutions on the market.