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Performance Components

Performance Components

Every component in the Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system is optimized for ease of use and performance.

The result is an accurate system and consistent results for you and your patients. Request a demo to see firsthand how the Palodent® Plus components stack up against your current system.

  • Wedges (3 Sizes)

    • Compresses on entry and flares upon exit for easy placement and seal
    • Hollow underside allows placement of second wedge from opposite side
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  • Forceps

    • Locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely, mesially and distally
    • Handy built-in grooves for resetting rings
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  • Pin Tweezers

    • Pin in tip positively grips hole in matrix and wedge for control
    • Naturally closed position minimizes risk of dropping matrix band or wedge
    • Handy ball burnisher built into tip
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  • Universal Ring

    • Nickel-Titanium for outstanding spring strength and memory
    • Stackable for versatility; offers consistent separation force
    • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines are V-shaped to hold wedge
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  • Narrow Ring

    • Same innovative features and benefits of Universal Ring
    • Tines set closer together for optimal separation on smaller teeth
    • Up to 4kgs of separating force even on premolars
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  • Matrices (5 Sizes)

    • Pronounced marginal ridge for ideal anatomy
    • Significantly greater curvature on horizontal plane as matrix wraps around tooth
    • Gingival apron is optimally shaped to significantly prevent gaps in gingival-axial corner
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  • EZ Coat Matrices (5 Sizes)

    • Ultra-thin non-stick coating makes matrix removal easier by minimizing chance that adhesive or composite sticks to band
    • Greater curvature for anatomical precision and avoiding interference with ring during placement
    • Sizes color-coded for easy identification
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  • Wedgeguards (3 Sizes)

    • Facilitates faster and easier cutting of cavity and lowers risk of interproximal damage to adjacent tooth
    • Guard detaches after prep, leaving the wedge in place
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