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System Benefits

System Benefits

Palodent® Plus is designed to deliver accurate contacts
for Class II procedures and consistent results for you.

The Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system is comprised of six precisely designed components: rings, matrices, wedges, wedgeguards, forceps, and pin tweezers. These have been designed and refined for optimal performance individually and as a system. As a result, Palodent® Plus is among the simplest and most accurate matrix systems on the market.

  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines maintain a fit on the tooth that complements the wedges and minimizes flash.
  • Ring design promotes exceptional stability in the forceps during placement.
  • Matrix will not collapse into wide cavities, even when a cusp is missing.
  • Super-thin tabbed matrix has a pronounced marginal ridge and significantly greater horizontal curvature for accurate anatomy.
  • V-shaped tines allow you to wedge from both sides before or after ring placement.
  • Nickel-Titanium ring composition for spring strength and memory retention.