Question: How Do I Orient My House To The Sun?

What is the best direction to orient a house?

Think about orienting the home so its longest sides face north and south—so the lengthwise axis runs east-west—to make the most of this warming and cooling effect, but also consider the floor plan as a whole.

You’ll want the most windows, and the most occupied living spaces, to face south to capture winter sunlight..

What is the best position to build a house?

Plan your site so that the widest sides of your house also face north and south. This usually means that the ends of the roof ridge line on a rectangular house will point to the east and west. To capture the sun’s light and warmth, plan to use a larger expanse of windows on the south side than the north.

What is the coldest side of a house?

north sideThe north side is where multiple panes and airtight windows are most crucial in winter. The north side gets little direct sunshine, and the north wind is often the coldest.

What direction should windows face for sunlight?

South-Facing Windows = Top Choice During the winter, throw open the shades or curtains from south-facing windows to allow the sun to naturally warm the interior of the house. In the summer, shades and curtains help reduce solar gain and keep the room cooler. Year-round, south-facing windows are ideal for natural light.

Do west facing houses get sun?

Choose south-facing rooms for the kitchen, main living areas and other rooms you spend a lot of time in. West facing: sunlight at the hottest part of the day, which can cause glare. In the late afternoon, you’ll get long shadows and softer light.

What is the hottest side of a house?

West-facing walls receive the strongest sun at the hottest part of the day. Check that there is no significant detrimental overshadowing (of both windows and roof where photovoltaics and solar hot water may be located) by adjacent buildings and trees. Northern side of the house is free from major obstructions.

Which house is good for Sun?

The Sun provides good results if placed in houses 1 to 5,8,9,11 and 12. The 6th, 7th, and 10th are bad houses for the Sun. The Moon, the Jupiter and the Mars are the planets friendly to the Sun, where the Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are enemies.

Which side of the house is coolest?

In the morning, the sun assaults the east side of the house first. Its effects will not be felt immediately because sunrise is the coolest part of the day. Unless the house has retained heat from the previous day, it will take time before the sun’s heat can penetrate through the insulation to the interior.

North or north-east facing properties are considered the most desirable because they get the most direct sunlight through the day, especially in winter when the sun is at its lowest. In an urban area where sunlight is at a premium, this can make a world of difference.