Quick Answer: Can I Buy Harbor Freight Warranty After Purchase?

Do you need receipt for Harbor Freight warranty?

The limited warranty term is 90-day beginning on the date of invoice.

You must provide the original receipt to receive an exchange or refund..

Are tools from Harbor Freight good?

One of the more reliable brands carried by Harbor Freight, Pittsburgh tools aren’t the cheapest in the store, but they’re often the best bang for the buck. With quality metal that won’t chip or break easily and a hand-friendly design, this wrench set is worth checking out.

How do I install Harbor Freight extended warranty?

If you were unable, or forgot, to purchase an Extended Service Protection (ESP) plan while at the register, you have the option to bring your receipt to any local Harbor Freight Tools store within 30 days to have it added to your account*.

Is there any coupons for Harbor Freight?

Visit a Harbor Freight store and receive 20 percent off any single item with coupon code 81153840, now through November 30, 2020. … Stay connected with Harbor Freight on social media for the latest news, tools, and deals at our 1000+ stores nationwide.

Does Harbor Freight sell lawn mower blades?

Search Results For “Lawn Mower Blades”

Will Harbor Freight honor coupons after purchase?

With our price adjustment policy, Harbor Freight gives customers the flexibility to apply coupons to purchases made within the last 30 days. Customers will need to bring their receipt, along with the coupon, to their local Harbor Freight Tools location for a price adjustment.

How do I get replacement parts from Harbor Freight?

Call to Order Call a Harbor Freight Parts Specialist at 1-800-444-3353 to place your order.

Can you use a 20 off coupon on a sale item at Harbor Freight?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping at Harbor Freight. You can only use 1 coupon per item. This means that you cannot use a coupon stating a specific item is a specific price and then also use a 20% off coupon for that same item. … Coupons cannot be bought, sold or transferred.

Can you use a 20% off coupon with a super coupon at Harbor Freight?

Super coupons and the rest of the coupons printed in a grid are different at Harbor Freight than most places. … Super coupons are great because they tend to cover items that you can’t use a 20% off coupon on such as generators, winches, tool carts, solar panels, welders and floor jacks.

How do I contact Harbor Freight?

Please search our website or contact Customer Service for assistance at 1-800-444-3353, Monday thru Sunday, 6am to 6pm (PT). If you still need help or would like to leave a comment, please fill out the form below.

How good is Chicago electric power tools?

We found most of the Chicago Electric tools are about a third to one-half cheaper than Craftsman. The quality is great, and you’ll find that the tools are highly reliable. You can use these tools for most home and DIY projects without much concern that they’ll break or that there will be an issue with them.

Does Harbor Freight have extended warranty?

EXTENDED SERVICE PROTECTION (ESP) Our ESP plans provide 1 and 2 years of product protection on eligible products after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. ESP plans can be purchased at your local Harbor Freight Tools store within 30 days of the eligible product’s purchase date.

Are Harbor Freight Jacks any good?

Been a great jack and would definitely recommend it! Re: Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Floor Jack Any Good?? I bought the 2.5 ton low profile jack because my Craftsman 3 ton wouldn’t fit under my GT500.

Are all Pittsburgh tools lifetime warranty?

Re: Does pittsburgh tools have a lifetime warranty? Yes Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Are Pittsburgh tools good?

Pittsburgh tool is a new product line introduced by Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight offers high-end quality tools for mechanics. The Pittsburgh line is mainly known for providing hand tools at a cheap rate. As a result, tools from Pittsburgh are considered as the best tools for a new professional mechanic.