Quick Answer: What Does Chiona Mean?

What language is Chino?


From American Spanish pantalones chinos (“Chinese pants”), which was later shortened to simply chinos..

What does El Chino mean in Portuguese?

china [ˈʃinu, ˈʃina] masculine noun, feminine noun.

Why is Chillon considered holy?

The Sonnet on Chillon is a chant to political freedom. … Also, the poet demonstrates a great admiration for Bonnivard, so much so that he assures: “Chillon! thy prison is a holy place” because he inhabited it. He considers Bonnivard a martyr, and his suffering will let God see and punish the injustice.

What is a Chillon?

noun. an ancient castle in W Switzerland, at the end of Lake Geneva.

What does Chino mean in Spanish slang?

Dear Confused Chinita, Chino is one of the more fascinating homographs (words with the same spelling but different meanings) in Spanish. Its Old World meaning specifically refers to a person of Chinese descent, but in his Dictionary of Latin American Racial and Ethnic Terminology, Rutgers linguist Thomas M.

What does the Spanish word Bendejo mean?

You’re no pendejo for not knowing what this word means. It’s a mildly vulgar insult for “asshole” or “idiot” in Spanish.

Why is the Chillon Castle important?

The Counts held Chillon for over 400 years, its strategic position on Lake Geneva gave them control over important trade routes from Italy through the St. Bernhard’s Pass to the north. … Other castles caught the eye as a summer home and Chillon became a dungeon first and foremost.

When was the Chillon Castle built?

The oldest parts of the castle have not been definitively dated, but the first written record of the castle was in 1005. It was built to control the road from Burgundy to the Great Saint Bernard Pass. From the mid 12th century, the castle was summer home to the Counts of Savoy, who kept a fleet of ships on Lake Geneva.

What is chino a nickname for?

Family name origins & meanings Italian : from the personal name Chino, a short form of Franceschino, a diminutive of Francesco (see Francis). Spanish : ethnic name for somebody from China, or possibly also nickname for someone thought to bear a resemblance to Chinese or Asian people.

How far is Chillon Castle from Geneva?

65 kmThe distance between Geneva and Chillon Castle is 65 km.

How do I get to Chillon Castle?

Access to Chillon Castle by public transportationtake a local train from Montreux or Villeneuve. The train ride from Montreux takes 3 minutes. … take a bus from Montreux, Vevey or Villeneuve. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes from Montreux. … board a boat from Montreux, Lausanne or Villeneuve.